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Deborah Elenter was born in Montevideo in 1978. She is a photographer and a chemical engineer with a masters in environmental engineering. Prior to starting her photographic career, she worked managing water and wastewater related projects.

She has studied with Latin-American and European renowned photographers. Her art was presented at various venues and received local and international recognition. She was awarded an Asylum Arts Grant for her photobook OSHER, which has also been portrayed at San Jose Foto International Festival, and was finalist for the CdF Editions. Also, her project PUERPERA is currently being exhibited at the Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (Uruguay's contemporary art museum). Previously PUERPERA had received a prize in 2018 from the Culture Ministry in Uruguay, was finalist at Errante International Festival in 2017 and is being funded by Itaú Foundation. 

She currently splits her work among her personal projects, assignments, and commissioned work. 

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